Fertiliser Focus – 1st March 2021

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General UK Market

The opportunity to take advantage of the February price from both CF & Yara did not remain long last week. Yara were first to close this off, CF followed on Wednesday lunchtime. This effectively increased the price of UK produced A.N by £ 10 per tonne. Despite this price rise demand for all products increased markedly as the weather improved, many growers have been able to begin the 2021 application season as a result. Lead times for delivery will be increasing towards mid to late March with most suppliers, April on some CF grades.

AHDB Webinar

AHDB will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday March 2nd called ‘Understanding fertilisers, carbon emissions and what you can do to reduce them’. Carbon footprint as a concept has been discussed in the wider world for many years, and with ambitious government emissions targets for net zero by 2050, all business at some point in the future will be challenged in this area. Regenerative agriculture has also focused on soil health and carbon capture, understanding the impact of fertilisers have on carbon footprint is important in environmental and financial terms. To register for this webinar, go to :-


Anglo American

Throughout most of 2019, we regularly reported on the development of The Woodsmith Mine near Whitby, North Yorkshire. For most of this time focus was on the financial problems facing the previous developer Sirius Minerals. March 2020 saw Anglo American take over Sirius in a deal worth £405M. So, what has been happening since? As the mine shaft itself is situated inside the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, the raw Polyhalite mineral will be transported to Teesside for production via a 23-mile underground conveyor belt. This week tunnelling hit the 8-mile marker. Access to the Polyhalite deposit will be via two main shafts a mile deep. When completed the fertiliser produced at Woodsmith will be known as POLY4™, with the analysis of 14K 17CaO 6MgO 47.5SO3 essentially this is an export driven project, production is expected to peak at 10M tonnes per year when fully operational. Details on when exactly this will be is difficult to find, some estimates are for 2024. Polyhalite based fertilisers are nothing new to the UK market ICL UK operate the worlds’ first and currently only operational Polyhalite mine, producing Polysulphate™ and its’ combination with Potash product called Potash Plus™. To learn more about this fascinating project go to :-



Economic Data as at close on Friday 26th February v (19th February 2021) £ = $ 1.3948 ($1.4006) £ = 1.1565 (€ 1.1558)   Crude Oil = $ 65.54 ($ 62.67) Natural Gas =$ 2.77 ($3.21) Please treat pricing on graphs as a guide, please use quote request form for an up-to-date price.