Limus Fertiliser

Fertiliser Focus – 22nd July 2019

Granular Urea prices look like coming under some upward pressure for several reasons. Firstly, Chinese Urea producers have firmed replacement costs as domestic demand has picked up. The impact of this has meant suppliers committed to the recent MMTC Indian tender have needed to look around the market for tonnes to fulfil their contracts. As mentioned here recently North African producers do not have much availability for August. The European market compared to last seasons’ buying pattern has so far been inactive. While this may not be a concern to some with usage period at least six months away at the earliest, we face shipping, discharging, bagging and delivering, a large amount of Urea for the market ahead of spring. Closer to home the UK is also facing some price pressure with the weakening of Sterling, see chart below. The final piece of upward pressure we can see over the horizon is post 31st October arrangements, the potential for a tariff of 6.5% is real, which would be nearly £ 20 per tonne on current levels.

Limus® the new generation urease inhibitor from BASF is proving to be a very useful alternative for many growers this season. Nitrogen markets have been very difficult to predict this season, so an alternative which gives farmers the confidence that changes can be made while securing yield at an improved profit margin is good news. In replicated trials by ADAS and in BASF’s own, they show us that Limus® raises the performance of urea to that of ammonium nitrate. For an Introducing Limus® brochure explaining the many benefits of this unique to the market inhibitor, please e-mail Alternatively head over to the BASF web site below, there you can see video clips showing in detail how Limus® works.

• We will also be at The Burwarton Show, Bridgnorth, Shropshire on Thursday 1 st August and Oswestry Show on Saturday 3 rd August. Meet the team, we’ll be on hand to talk about the benefits of Limus®

Economic Data as at close on Friday 19th July v (12th July 2019) £ = $1.2511 ($ 1.2560) £ = € 1.1144 (€ 1.1164) Crude Oil = $ 62.10 ($ 66.84) Natural Gas = $2.25 ($2.45) Please treat pricing on graphs as a guide, please use quote request form for an up to date price.