Fertiliser Focus – 2nd December 2019

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International Urea prices firmed between $3-5 per tonne last week as European markets woke up to the need to catch up on volumes needed for spring. UK markets remain mostly unchanged as our markets remain quiet.

Crop Tec

Last Wednesday and Thursday saw the Crop Tec event held at Peterborough. Speakers at The Crop Nutrition Seminar were Daniel Kindred from ADAS; Natalie Wood from Yara and Keith Goulding from Rothamstead Research. Daniel spoke about how ‘change is in the air’ when referring to the pressures arable farming is facing. Despite the upcoming general election, it is thought future agriculture and environment bills (from whatever the colour government) will include legislation which will impact Nitrogen use in the UK. DEFRA stated in the Clean Air Strategy published in January 2019 ‘We will regulate to minimise pollution from Nitrogen fertiliser use’. Next to speak was Natalie Wood Country Agronomist for Yara. Natalie spoke about the evidence-based approach to crop nutrition, particularly around analysing grain samples for various nutrients to see how nutrients have been utilised by crops. At Crop Tec last year growers were asked to send samples to be analysed. Just over 250 were received and 73% were deficient in one or more of the three major nutrients. Phosphate being the most common deficiency.

Finishing off was Keith Goulding from Rothamstead Research continuing the theme of nitrogen use efficiency Keith spoke about recognising it’s not solely about how much N we apply, it’s about the surplus and avoiding waste. To achieve this, being realistic about yield potential, using a recognised system for recommendations and not to forget the 4Rs of nitrogen management: Right Place, Right Rate, Right Source, Right Time.  

Future N Use

Urea and Urea based fertilisers have been and will continue to be very useful products in the future. Quite rightly urea use is under the spotlight for ammonia emissions and legislation has been or is about to be introduced in some European countries. There is a solution and at COFCO Intl UK we have been working closely with BASF on the Urease inhibitor Limus®. Whilst Limus® is a new product to the UK, it has been tried and tested globally since its introduction in 2015.  

• Limus® reduces ammonia emissions by up to 98%

• Improves yield by 5% compared to untreated Urea

Raises performance to the level of A.N

Outperforms all other Urease inhibitors

Unique dual active Urease inhibitor

Economic Data as at close on Friday 29th November v (22nd November 2019)£ = $1.2937 ($ 1.2831)  £ = € 1.1739 (€ 1.1633) Crude Oil = $ 62.54 ($ 63.27) Natural Gas = $2.35 ($2.56) Please treat pricing on graphs as a guide, please use quote request form for an up to date price.