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Fertiliser Focus – 2019 Review

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LAMMA 19 was held in the new venue of the NEC Birmingham for the first time. CF reduce N prices by     £ 15 amid concerns over Russian imports. UK Government publishes Clean Air Strategy which could have implications for the fertiliser industry.  


AHDB review Sulphur recommendations on Oilseed Rape. Sirius Minerals tunnel boring machine arrives at Teesside. Brexit starts to feature as the industry considers implications of a potential no-deal.  


CF reduce prices again. Sirius Minerals run into funding problems at the Woodsmith Mine project.   


EU announce plans to introduce Anti-Dumping duties on UAN solution from Russia, Trinidad & Tobago and the U.S.


Clare, Countess of Euston officially opens the new COFCO Blending and Bagging facility at Ipswich. Theresa May resigns as Prime Minister.


BASF launch unique dual-acting urease inhibitor Limus in the UK. Nitrasol begin to fit out the new £5M liquid fertiliser processing and production facility at Great Yarmouth. UK producers launch new season A.N levels at around the £ 255 level, some £ 30 higher than 2018.


India purchases 1.7M tonnes of Urea in its recent tender. Sterling weakness puts pressure on Urea prices. Boris Johnson succeeds Theresa May as Conservative leader and as such becomes Prime Minister.  


David Koch one of the brothers that ran US Koch Industries, formally owner of Bunn Fertilisers dies in Wichita Kansas aged 79.


Brexit confusion dominates the market as the industry contemplates deal or no deal.  


India buy 1M tonnes of Urea in the latest tender. Dutch farmers stage huge protests at being victimised in the climate change debate. CF withdraw prices ahead of Brexit deadline of October 31st. EU grant UK an extension to January 31st, 2020.  


Weather takes over from Brexit talk as wet conditions delay autumn plantings. A.N market remains flat from summer launch prices.


India’s total Urea purchases come to 5.5M tonnes. U.K producers reduce A.N prices by £ 3-5/ t to try and stimulate sales as terrible conditions prevent further planting.  The Conservatives win the General Election with a majority of 80 seats.